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Refined Rice Bran Oil

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Refined Rice Bran Oil also known as Heart Oil has been found to be the most suitable edible oil because of its balanced fat composition as per the WHO & NIN recommendations.
As a trusted Refined Rice Bran Oil producer, we bring out this refined oil that has assured 15% less penetration while frying & produced by advanced machinery, our Refined Rice Bran Oil is prepared hygienically, keeping all the essential nutrients intact for consumption.
When it comes to taste, the Perfect option to fry, bake, and for dressing salads or making dips, our Refined Rice Bran Oil is the first choice of Homemakers and Chefs across India.


healthier than you think

Good cooking oil doesn’t just add life to the food you love but also plays a pivotal role in your health.
what makes rice bran oil, most suitable choice for edible oil? No doubt, its presence of Oryzanol with other nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, E & Omega 3-6.
Oryzanol, a mixture of anti-oxidant compounds that effectively promotes you towards better health. Here are some points that would make you switch your oil from ordinary to rice bran oil.

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Lower the cholesterol levels

Once in a life, every person faces these issues in their health – high cholesterol level. Oryzanol pulls up the rate of absorption from consumed food, and thus reduces high levels of cholesterol, and helps keep you healthy.


Treat Anxiety

The Oryzanol is equipped with therapeutic qualities that help treat anxieties by dragging down the levels of oxidative stress allies’ disorders.


Prevents Risk of Cancer

One of the most elite properties that Gamma Oryzanol holds is its anti-carcinogenic, it is also known to prevent tissue damages.


Prevents Diabetes

Oryzanol prevents diabetes as it pulls down one of the factors responsible for diabetes which is, Oxidant stress disorders.


Beneficial for skin and hair

Not just for health but also for hair and skin Oryzanol is very beneficial, Oryzanol isn’t only concentrated upon the domain of vegetable oils but also cosmetic products like moisturizing cream owing to its skin beneficial properties.