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State of Art Manufacturing Unit

We use advanced machinery for manufacturing, processing, and packaging of all this process is efficiently done at one place in our 12.5 acres of a manufacturing plant.
With a daily production rate of 500 Tones, we have two dedicated solvent extraction plants with a capacity of 250 TPD solvent extraction & one dedicated refinery with 100 TPD capacity.

Machines in our plants are up to date and well maintained to deliver the same quality taste & nutrition to every single consumer, because delivering the best quality product our first priority.


Driven By Advanced Technology

From extracting crude oil to refining it, in every step technology plays a key role, as this is critically important to ensure the quality of the final product. This is the reason why we make sure to maintain and update the machinery according to need.
We use the most advanced Enzymatic Degumming and Low-Temperature Physical refining process at the Refinery. This technology is an improved process for the pre-treatment of rice bran oil, which involves enzymatic degumming with a commercially available enzyme to obtain oil with less than 5 ppm of residual phosphorus. Besides being environmentally friendly, this process keeps the precious natural nutrients intact and negates the formation of Trans Fats in the edible oil. This process also ensures no chemical carryover in products and negligible chemical waste from the industry.

And by adapting new technologies, increases our productivity and also the production rate of the plant which helps us to deliver more and fulfill the demand of the consumers.

Committed to delivering the best quality

As we acquire the updated technologies, we always deliver the best quality products to the customer, and that what motivates us and keeps us dedicated to delivering the best service to our customers.